Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Alas alas

Yes, I went to the Cal UCLA game on Saturday. A heartbroken fan I am. But you can look at most Cal grad blogs to see all the things I would probably say.

Instead, I will post about how I got to the Rose Bowl to watch the game. I took public transit. That's right. I took the bus... in LA. I rode Metro. When I met up with some people at the Rose Bowl, they asked me, "How'd you get here?"

I responded, "By bus."

I can't tell you how puzzled each person looked when I told them that I took the bus. I might as well have been transported to the Rose Bowl by alien spacecraft. It just doesn't happen out here. Everyone drives. Everyone.

Reminds me of the time when my freshman year roommate asked me what a "Spare the air day" was. When I explained it to him (he's from SoCal), he looked at me with the most incredulous look.

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