Tuesday, July 27, 2004


Getting readjusted.  Some days I find myself almost forgetting that I lived in Japan.  It's like the experience never existed.  Blotted out from memory.  But then, I look around my room, I see something, and I'm time warped into all the memories associated with Japan.  A tie I got as a gift, a photograph, my pocket translator.  Surprisingly, an old newsletter doesn't evoke the same response.  When I look at those pieces of paper, it feels like I'm looking in to another person's experience.  "Oh, that's nice. I hope he's doing well."  That is, until I remember that it's me.  I wrote that newsletter a few months ago.  And yet, it's so distant.

Congratulations to Alinna the winner of many awards.  Yes, the time has been both long and short.  What an incredible ride it's been so far.

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