Monday, November 29, 2004

Thanksgiving, Coalinga, and stuff

Words cannot express how great it felt to have Thanksgiving dinner on this side of the Pacific. The last time I truly celebrated an American Thanksgiving was 4 years ago. The turkey, the trimmings, the family... well two of them. My return was marked with two dinners! It was exhausting travelling to Concord for my family's celebration and then to Saratoga for Alinna's... but well worth it.

So, I made the trek up I-5 with my roommate Ben. And we're making good time, singing along to some old tracks like Tony Rich Project, when we see the Coalinga exit sign. Now, those familiar with the journey know about Coalinga and their cows... or rather the cow pies. The veteran traveller that I am, I immediately switch the vents to recirc. As soon as my finger pushes the button, Ben farts... with the air recirculating. Not once did he up to that point, and not once did he after that point. But as soon as we both see the sign for Coalinga, he just lets go. Was he holding it for the prime moment? You decide.

The Thanksgiving traffic wasn't as bad as everybody made it out to be. 7 1/2 hours one way. Today in Greek class it was obvious that nobody wanted to be there after a long weekend of fun, food, and friends. Poopy faces all around. I am thankful for a Thanksgiving spent with family and friends, I am thankful for good laughs from the belly, I am thankful for school, I am thankful for my team, and I am thankful for my God.

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