Thursday, December 16, 2004

The webpage reloaded... well... resurrected.

The webpage has new life. I still need to clean it out, update some things, and add more stuff, but I've finally updated my webpage again.

Basically, I was looking for a place to put volume 2 of my newsletters: The Fuller Years. Yes, I've decided to write a newsletter chronicling my time in seminary. Details are pending, but I think I'll put it out every two months. In light of my time being back here at home, and the fact that the questions I'm getting right now are all very similar, I think something like this would help out lots. My experience over the last 3 years has been that the newsletters were great conversation starters. I will not be mailing it out as I don't have a mailing budget for these things anymore, but, anybody who's interested can go download it from my webpage or can get it via email if requested (just email me of your interest). Enjoy!

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