Monday, August 29, 2005

108 Bottles of Beer on the Wall... 108 Bottles of Beer...

Quick run down... Bass Beer will be served at our wedding in addition to red and white wine and soft drinks.

The story:

Though Alinna may be ardently trying to learn the Japanese language, I may turning Chinese. Originally, we were planning to serve beer, wine, and soft drinks at our wedding. We picked out our wines after parousing multiple Beverages & More stores. While doing so, I was reminded that BevMo does kegs of beer as well. After looking down the selection of beers available in keg form, I had decided that I would like Boddington's Beer to be served. The 12 gallon keg would cost $129.99 not including the service charges and deposits for their keg, tap, and tub. It was looking to be a good deal. But then...

On my last trip to the South Bay I got a bad case of the munchies. I stopped at the local RiteAid to see if they had any snacky goodies like Hot Buffalo Wing flavored Snyder's pretzels. Alas, the pretzels were not to be found but at the front of the store was a fairly large display for Bass Beer. Actually to say that it was a display gives it too much hype. It was more like a make-shift pyramid of 12-pack boxes of Bass. Upon closer inspection, I found that they were on sale. A normal 12 pack costs $13.99. But RiteAid was having a sale and was selling them for $8.99. And on top of that, there were sticker coupons stuck to each 12-pack for $3 off making the final price at $5.99.

Somewhat quietly I exclaimed, "$5.99 for a 12-pack? That's like 50 cents a bottle. It's cheaper than water!" So naturally, I bought 9 12-packs. Hence the 108 bottles of beer on the living room wall. I feel like a frat boy. It's great.

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