Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Mystery public bathroom goods... the way things work

Recently, I've been intrigued by two particular products I've seen in public bathrooms... two particular bathrooms actually. In some of the Fuller bathrooms, there are these special urinals. They're no-flush urinals. Weird huh? And I don't mean urinals that haven't been flushed since who-knows-when... because lotsa people don't flush after doing their business at the urinal. You know who you are! Nasty, especially for the next guy. Anyway, Fuller has these no-flush urinals that seriously don't have a flush knob. And next to the urinal on the wall is a placard that designates it as a "no-flush" urinal. I've noticed that when I do my business at this particular urinal, some dark colored (I'm color-blind, what do you expect?) liquid comes out of the drain. I guess it's supposed to sanitize it or keep it from smelling because it does its job. One time I was so curious to find out how it works that I was about to lift the plastic cover that is found over the urinal drain... but then sensibility came and I remembered, "That's gross, people pee on that!"

So the other bathroom product... I worked in a warehouse this summer and in it there's this "soap" called Borax. It's amazing stuff. It cleans your hands quicker than any soap I've ever used. Wet your hands a little, put on a little Borax, rub your hands, add a little more water, rub your hands again, wash, and magically all the dirt on your hands... *poof* gone. I dunno though. Any cleaning product called Borax can't possibly be good for you. Sure enough, upon closer inspection of the box of Borax it says that it's only to be used for hands. I don't know if that's because Borax is potentially hazardous or because it'd hurt to rub the sand-like substance anywhere else on your body. Again... how does this stuff work?

Yes, I know I've taken a bit of a haiatus from the wedding updates at the end of the entries... but that's simply because we haven't gotten things "done" since the beginning of August. We're doing things... they're just not completed. Tux rentals, invitations, guest list, honeymoon travel plans, housing, rehearsal dinner sites, the list could go on forever. But to maintain consistency... err re-establish consistency...

To-Do Checklist:
To-dos on list: 124
Completed to-dos: 59

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