Monday, August 30, 2004

Canaan retreat at Redwood

Had a good time with the Canaan folk, especially the youth and those involved with them. They've got good kids. It was also a good confirmation for me for the ministry.

Strange things about the weekend...

It was strange at first because I was at Redwood, but the usual faces associated with the place weren't there. It was just weird not seeing any PCJC people walking around.

It was strange not seeing the snack bar open. I was about to get a rainbow surprise one day... but then, it wasn't open.

It was strange seeing juk at the cafeteria. Actually, I didn't recognize it at first as juk. It looked like something... well, a lot less appetizing. The Taiwanese constituents weren't complaining, and they were eating it, so, what do I know?

It was strange because the youths' cabins didn't have adult supervision and yet they didn't sneak out at night.

It was strange sleeping in Evergreen lodge. It was like a hotel room. That's not the Redwood experience I know.

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