Thursday, April 28, 2005


Has anybody else noticed that the Brawny paper towel brand has changed its icon? I remember the commercials on TV they used to have where they'd focus in on their Brawny man as it got superimposed on the plastic wrapping of the paper towel. There he was, a big, burly, white guy with a full beard, big ol' axe, and a checkered lumberjack shirt. If ever there was a man who's " brawny" it would be him. Nobody would question his masculinity.

But sometime, I don't know when, Brawny changed their dude. He's not so brawny anymore. Go check for yourself. To start, he's clean shaven. He's still white, but he's got good looking black hair. He's not wearing the lumberjack plaid anymore either. It's crazy. It's as if Brawny's about to make a name change to Metro. Although, I'm not too sure about paper towel sales if they were to make the switch-a-roo. I mean how useful can Metro be?

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