Tuesday, May 03, 2005


I just got an email from the CBEST people with the subject header "Your CBEST unofficial scores." To get you all up to date, I took the CBEST back in early April so that I have the option of subbing from time to time for money. I didn't bother studying for the test because I had heard from multiple people including my mom that it's ridiculously easy. So much for high standards for our educators. As she put it, "The CBEST was way easier than than the TOEFL."

And now they've sent me my unofficial scores... whatever that means. Actually, that's not completely true. About a week ago, the CBEST people sent me an email by the same heading. In the earlier email, they sent me my scores for my "Reading section" and "Math section" and promptly told me that "A total CBEST score of 123 is required for passing status." I quickly scroll back up to see my scores for reading and math and add them up only to find that I scored 121. After a few minutes of self-pity and telling myself that I was stupid not only for underestimating the difficulty of the test but also for failing a test that was widely touted as being "ridiculously easy," I decided that I was going to take the secret of my failing the CBEST to my grave.

That is, until I got my second "Your CBEST unofficial scores" email. Apparently, I had forgotten that there are three sections to the test. Reading, math, and writing. The second email had my writing score as well. Have no fear, I didn't score a 1 on my writing section. Yes, my friends, I have conquered the CBEST. Against insurmountable odds, I passed. Now I'm only stupid for forgetting that there was a writing section. As my team will attest, my short term memory is horrendous.

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