Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The end of an era

Gone are my days as a 4.0 student. I just checked my grades online for the winter quarter. And although I didn't maintain my perfect record for two straight terms, it was never really my goal at the beginning. I recognize that it may sound like I'm trying to justify the outcome now that I know how it's turned out.

Some historical context is required here... like good exegesis!

When I went to my academic counselor's office to sign up for my classes for the winter quarter, my counselor looked at the classes I wanted to take and said very plainly, "You're going to die." No words of encouragement, no talking about alternatives, just "you're going to die." Why? Because I wanted to sign up for 5 classes (which I ended up doing). I wasn't aiming to get straight As again with 5 classes. I just knew that if I was planning on coming home for the summer and wanted to stay on pace to graduate in 3 years, I had to take 5 classes in either the winter or spring quarter. I guess my counselor's not prophetic because I'm still alive!

As an additional note, I am yet to rejoin the "Cs earn degrees" club in seminary!

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