Thursday, January 19, 2006

The End of an Era

I caved. I got a Mac. I want to be cool.

Consequently, I got a new printer which now leaves me with three, yes, three printers total. Why did I bother getting a new printer with the new computer you ask? Let's look at the two older printers first, shall we?

Epson 870C. If you're really into Epson printers, you may not recognize this one. Why? Because it's Japanese. I got it in Japan which was great... when I was in Japan. But alas, I am no longer in the land of the rising sun and as a result, I am no longer in the land of Epson 870C ink cartridges.

HP P1100. Won at this past year's Baylight white elephant gift exchange. As I was taking it to the car, I was told, "The ink cartridges on that machine are pretty expensive... and it runs out of ink really fast, especially if you're printing pictures."

So, if you or anybody you know is interested in taking home a Japanese Epson or an American HP printer, you can come on down to Sunnyvale. Our prices can't be beat! They're FREE! And by they way, they're both photo capable!

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