Friday, May 18, 2007

Warriors and KG

Since the Warriors came home from Utah, Bay Area sports talk radio has been talking about the need to pick up KG (that's Kevin Garnett, 7'0" forward for the Timberwolves for those who aren't sure) to get over the hump.

I think Don Nelson said it best in stating that right now, the Warriors already got over the hump... that hump was getting into the playoffs. After 13 years of ineptitude and wallowing over the draft... nay, having the high point of the basketball season be wondering about who the Warriors are going to pick in the draft lottery, the Warriors have gotten over a huge hump. I've said it once, but it cannot be overstated, these guys should be applauded and celebrated for the great year.

And if we must start talking about the "future" of the Warriors (Kelly wrote an interesting post by the way, about Asian kids and our obsession with the future), I don't think a blockbuster trade involving KG is the "key" to getting over the proverbial hump. Callers have talked incessantly about the Warriors' need for easy points down in the paint during the closing minutes of the 4th quarter.

This line of thought is wayyyyyy over-rated. The great teams of the recent past left the few minutes of the 4th on the shoulders of its star guard and his ability to drive to the bucket or take the 10-15 foot jumper (see Jordan, Wade, and Hamilton).

I'm not saying that the Warriors don't need somebody with a bigger body. My contention is that the Warriors don't need a low post scorer. They just need somebody who can rebound, block a few shots, and run like the dickens to keep up with the rest of the team (after all, Biedrins can't play 48 minutes/game). And they won't have to break the bank to get somebody like that.

This recent obsession with getting an established low post scorer sounds eerily reminiscent of the 93-94 offseason when the Warriors tried desperately to get an established low post presence after getting knocked around in the 1st round of the playoffs by one Charles Barkley. The Warriors' solution? Rony Seikaly. Yes, I'll admit that I thought that Seikaly would be the answer to getting the Warriors over the hump. Hey, Rony Seikaly averaged something like 15 pts and 10 rebounds a game while playing with Miami the year before (he's no Kevin Garnett but he was established). Yes, my hopes rested on Rony Seikaly. And what happened? The subsequent 94-95 season was the first of 12 "rebuilding years." Caltrans rebuilds faster than the Warriors did.


Bobby said...

I agree with you. Breaking the bank on a low post presence is totally the wrong direction. Low post play and run-n-gun are directly opposed to each other.

I heard a radio host say Paul Milsap would actually be perfect for the Warriors. I don't think the Jazz are going to be giving him up though.

Sports Guy had a good trade proposal: Paul Pierce + Telfair for Richardson + Monta Ellis + Sarunas Jasikevicius' expiring contract. I say give them Pietrus too because to save cap room to resign Biedrins.

I think this is a good trade because it helps Boston clear cap it help the Warriors get better immediately. I think they have a 2 year window to win because after that Baron's contract comes up, and it's ggthxforplaying newbs. You can't resign him because of his injury problems and yet you need a guard of his caliber to take you all the way. As for why the W's would want Pierce, (a) he shoots better from the 3 point line than Richardson... which is pretty much what Richardson has evolved into (b) he's got better handles (c) he rebounds more (c) he passes better (d) he's got a sick post game. Basically, you get a total upgrade at one spot by by giving up a good backup and you get a crunch time scorer, something the W's really need as witnessed in the playoffs. P2 draws an insane amount of fouls in the last 3 minutes of the game because he's that deadly combination of fast enough and strong enough to take it to the rack.

Ryan said...

I've also heard trade up for Joakim Noah, and if the W's made that move, I would seriously have to question their judgement... and it's not just because Florida took out UCLA the last two year, but have you seen that guy shoot? It had got to be the worst shot known to man.

Giving up Monta would be a very questionable move. He's a young guy with lots of speed and an OK shot.

Trading J-Rich would be a hard thing to take as a Warriors fan. He's one of those guys like Jamison, who was a fan fav. and took less money to stay with the team.

If you ever want to go to a game next season, let me know... we're season tickets holders now. Back from LA... had to do it!

dchai said...

The Warriors did it before also, in the 80s when they traded Sleepy Floyd and Joe Barry Carroll for Ralph Sampson (I'm showing my age here) to get over the hump. One of those trades that hurt both teams. Interestingly, Don Nelson made that trade.