Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What's Next?

Today, while I was working, I started talking to one of my co-workers, Gisele. Among other things, we got talking about how I'm graduating this June (I don't remember if I've posted this yet, but I'm walking this early June... though I still have 3 classes to go).

She asked the natural question, "So what's next?"

My answer to everybody who's asked me this question over the last month has been the same, "Keep doing what I'm doing right now."

Seems kinda anticlimactic I know, but it's the truth. The three classes left aren't really all that relevant. They're more an addendum to my seminary career than anything else... an expensive, time-consuming, fly back and forth from San Jose to Burbank 5 times during the month of August addendum, but an addendum nevertheless.

I'm planning on continuing to work at Baylight part-time and Peet's part-time. I know that underlying the what's next question is the assumption and the expectation that with the piece of paper in my hand known as the Masters of Divinity, something would change, I would be upgraded somehow. It's the primary reason why most people get more schooling... to initiate a change, to move on up like the Jeffersons.

And thinking back on the last three years, I guess that's happened to me albeit in less dramatic fashion. For one, I'm working in a church I like. Yes, that started a year ago, a year before I graduate and have documentation that I'm qualified in some way or another to work in a church. Two, I'm enjoying the pace of my life right now and the purposefulness I feel on an almost daily basis. Working at Peet's doesn't require an M.Div but it does give me a forum to put the things I've learned in school into practice. And for that, I'm grateful and lucky. And three, well, I can't think of a three right now. Rather, I had one but it just fluttered away. Besides, this post is getting long even for my tastes.

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