Tuesday, May 06, 2003

I love it. I was checking my web counter webpage that shows who the last people were to visit the blog, when they visited, and the last website visited before visiting the blog. Apparently, two different people did a search on Google, wondering if peanut butter goes bad. One guy typed "does peanut butter go bad" in the search box while another typed "peanut butter go bad." And because I wrote about eating really really old peanut butter, Google directed those searchers to me. Thanks google.
As a side note, I've noticed that traffic has picked up on the blog. Thanks to all those so far who have responded to my April 30th entry. To increase the traffic, I've thought about putting a glamour photo of myself on the side bar like a number of the popular girls' blog sites... but well, too bad, I couldn't find one. Besides, even if I had one, I don't know if it'd go over very well. I think I should just stick with writing about old peanut butter.

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