Friday, October 10, 2003

I just sent an email to Brandon out in Thailand saying that it probably doesn't smell as bad here in Japan as it does out there... among other things, don't worry! Anyway, it looks like I underestimated the smell of Date. I forgot about the pig farm. Up on the hills there's a pig farm. And every now and then, usually when it's sunny and windy, the smell of its feces blankets the entire city. It looks like I'm living in Quatro at Davis. Or as my old accountability group used to say... C-C-C-Cohwalinngahhh! (that's Coalinga)

Today was sunny and windy, a great day for hanging laundry on the balcony like a FOB. Well, except for the fact that the funk of the pig farm was swirling in the air too. Still hung it out though.

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