Wednesday, October 29, 2003

This week has been crazy... but the BCS continues...

The BCS. Haha. In its conception, it was merely a fun way to list my links and show who's blogs I'm reading. I know that it's all in good humor, but I never imagined it to be the topic of conversation for another person's blog or regular people-to-people conversation. Honestly, I think I got more traffic to this blog because of the BCS.

So, as for the questions about it... I don't know when the BCS season will be over. I'm thinking until the end of November. We need an offseason... play some winter ball in Mexico or something.

Will there a playoff structure? Well, if we hold true to the format of the original BCS for college football, the only matchup that'll make sense will be the No. 1 and No. 2. The rest is a toss up. Maybe we'll do it by regions. The number 1 from the East Bay Conference vs. the number 1 from the South Bay Conference. Who knows, if Christina jumps back in the rankings, she'll practically have an automatic bid to a bowl cuz she has little competition on the East Coast... the Big East Conference. I guess she could go head to head against the No 1 from the SoCal Conference.

As for real blogging material from my side... I've noticed that I've become a lot more domesticated since coming to Japan. Example... I've picked up baking again. My latest project: A good pumpkin pie. Why? Because if I want to eat pumpkin pie, I can't just go to the local Safeway and pay $5. Not that I did before anyway. Before, I had a bad case of Safeway-Club-Card-itis. What is Safeway-Club-Card-itis? It's the condition found primarily in Asian American college-aged males, in which the affected will only buy things that are on sale with the Safeway Club Card. The symptoms are especially strong when the affected sees the "Buy 1 get 1 free" placard. It doesn't matter if the $5 pumpkin pie from the Safeway bakery is a great buy. It never has the placard with the picture of the Safeway Club Card. If, however, they were orignally priced at $6, but you save $1 with the Safeway Club Card, those pies would disappear so quickly. Same price in the end, but so incredibly different to those affected by Safeway-Club-Card-itis.

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