Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Gleanings from Hillsdale

Yesterday's Subbing

So yesterday, I subbed. Two stories from that experience...

1) One kid, African-American, the only one in the class, tried to act super-hard. Pushed kids around, made them do things for him by using scare tactics. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I wanted to go up to the kid and say, "What's up, San Mateo. Six-five-oh, what... six-five-OH!"

2) One other kid, clearly wasn't doing work, but when I'd walk by and sit down with him to work on the assigned worksheet, he was clearly capable. Not a stupid kid. Just unmotivated to do work. We're working on a math problem and he stops, "Hey, I don't usually do work in this class. I usually just draw, and it's cool. Can I just do that?" Gotta hand it to the guy for being open and honest.

This week in fantasy baseball: Lost to Mike 4-5 (currently in 8th place)

The South Bay Craigslist Finds of the Day
1. Computer Desk $30 (San Jose)
2. Weber Grill $20 (Los Altos)
3. Wine cabinet/bar $75 (Menlo Park)
4. Kitchen Cart on wheels $20 (Palo Alto)
5. Iron Magazine Holder $15 (Sunnyvale)


Ben said...

What the hell is wrong with you?? Subs aren't supposed to care, just sit there and show a movie or something. Don't you remember old skelator, and that old lady Mrs. P something??

Ang Shih said...

Hi Hideyo,

I gotta say... I found out that you have a blog and have been utterly entertained by them!! :) So congrats on marriage and HI Hideyo.

Ok... commenting on subbing. Way to go Hideyo! I'm having a hard time subbing. Would just love to teach already. What's with the re-entry business? hehe. Anyways. Hi.