Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

Alinna and I have successfully gone through our first Mother's Day. Question for all you faithful bloggers out there... what do you do for Mother's Day when you have two mothers in the area? My mother in law in a stone's throw away and my own mother is an hour's drive away. Two mothers. What am I to do?

This year: Had Mother's Day dinner with the Satake family on Saturday night and had Mother's Day dinner with the Chiu family on Sunday night.

This week in fantasy baseball: Losing to Mike 4-5

The South Bay Craigslist Finds of the Day
1. Cedar Chest $50 (Saratoga)
2. Nightstand $60 (San Jose)
3. Pine Bunkbeds $50 (Los Gatos)
4. Kitchen Utility Table $30 (Santa Clara)
5. Armchair and Ottoman $50 (Santa Clara)
6. 10 Colorful Japanese Bamboo Coasters $5 (San Jose)
7. Smoker $60 (Sunnyvale)


alinna said...

the best part is showing up for m-day's dinner and getting someone else to foot the bill.

this set of satakes may be developing mad skills for freeloading.

bG said...

In the flower world, Mother's Day is actually a week long occassion with a majority of deliveries on Saturday, not Sunday. I say your method satisfied both moms sufficiently. Birthdays are a different story, Mother's Day can be celebrated earlier.