Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Just Tired

A whirlwind of seemingly everything this last week. Finally have some time to just sit, be still, and not have to do something all the time. In honor of my day of doing nothing, I will not post anything profound. For all of you at work right now, also not wanting to do anything... have no fear, I looked around on Craiglist and found the picks for your enjoyment.

This week in fantasy baseball: Beat Ted 6-4 (still in 9th place)

The South Bay Craiglist Finds of the Day
1. Magazine Rack $3 (Cupertino)
2. Antique Tool Box $25 (Mountain View)
3. Table $20 (Mountain View)
4. Iron and Wood Magazine Rack $15 (Mountain View)
5. Cherry Bookshelf & Cherry Computer Desk with Hutch $50/$75 (Cupertino)
6. End table $45 (Mountain View)
7. Antique Steamer Trunk $50 (Campbell)
8. 3-Seat Couch $89 (Santa Clara)
9. Oak Wine Rack $20 (San Jose)
10. Modern Storage Bench $90 (Palo Alto)

1 comment:

Janice said...

I LOVE the FOBisms in the magazine rack post. "I wish you have a car and come to my house to get it."