Wednesday, May 10, 2006



1. Four Jobs:
a. Church planter
b. Warehouse stocker
c. Delivery guy
d. Substitute teacher

2. Four Things I Wish I Had Done Earlier:
a. Hang out with Alinna
b. Snowboard
c. Bartending School
d. Learn to Speak Japanese

3. Four Places I Have Lived:
a. El Sobrante
b. Berkeley
c. Date
d. Alhambra

4. Four Countries I Have Been To:
a. Canada
b. Japan
c. Mexico
d. ...

5. Four Countries I Would Like to Visit:
a. Italy
b. United Kingdom
c. Germany
d. China

6. Four of My Favorite Dishes:
a. Tacos from the Taco Truck on Fair Oaks in Pasadena
b. 3 Tacos and a Cerveza from the Taco Stand in Tijuana for $2
c. Anything from when Alinna Goes on a Baking Binge
d. Anything on a Grill

7. Four Sites I Visit Daily:
a. Gmail
c. Yahoo! Fantasy Sports
d. Craigslist

8. Four Software Applications I Cannot Live Without:
a. Firefox
b. Word
c. Excel
d. iCal

9. Four Things I'll Never Forget:
a. Fishing with Grandpa
b. Japan.
c. Jet Li's house!
d. Seeing Alinna walk down the aisle

10. I Tag....
a. slee
b. danny
c. superbruce
d. cal

This week in fantasy baseball: Losing to Mike 2-5

The South Bay Craigslist Finds of the Day
1. Pottery Barn Desk and Chair $50 (Los Gatos)
2. Black CD Tower $30 (Cupertino)
3. Small Drawer Units $50 (Mountain View)
4. 3 Steel Canisters $10 (Sunnyvale)
5. Honeywell Air Purifier $30 (San Jose)

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