Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The World of MySpace

The Nebulous World of MySpace

Not to sound completely anti-social, but what's the point of MySpace? I asked the same thing about Friendster a while back and decided not to join in. I guess I just don't get it. Are people looking to hook up through it? Cyber-stalk? A few weeks back, Dean was over and he was telling me about the virtues of Friendster. He asked me if there was anybody from high school I wanted to check up on. I just drew a blank. Maybe I just don't care? I don't know. I feel like an old man hollering with his gums saying, "What's been all this hootin' and hollerin' about MySpace?"

This week in fantasy baseball: Beating Ted 6-4

The South Bay Craigslist Finds of the Day
1. 4 Drawer Dresser $40 (Cupertino)
2. Nightstand $60 (San Jose)
3. Nightstand $25 (Sunnyvale)
4. Charcoal BBQ/Smoker $10 (San Jose)
5. Humidifier $15 (Mountain View)

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messy said...

Brother, I do not understand MySpace at all, nor do I aim to.