Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Currently working on: Church growth paper

The Day o' Accomplishment

Yesterday was my day o' accomplishment. Started off by taking my New Testament: Acts-Revelation final exam. Came home to watch ESPN's pre tournament coverage of NCAA basketball. Then proceeded to finish off my exegesis paper on the parable of the shrewd steward. I'm finding that I really don't like doing these exegesis papers. It's not because I don't like going through the process of writing it (ambivalent). Neither is it because I don't like exegeting scripture (I do). It's simply because I get convicted at the end to practice what I preach, err write. Blast this Holy Spirit! My last paper, 1 Timothy 5:23, prevented me from buying some Diddy Riese cookies. Now, after Luke 16:1-9, I'm compelled to give generously to the poor. Am I allowed to shake my fist at the Holy Spirit?

Anyway... after finishing the paper I watched a little bit of the opening round of the NCAA tournament. Two classes finished. NCAA basketball watched. If only I had a bracket to fill out... that would have made yesterday a super day o' accomplishment.

One class remains on my path to Spring Break. One paper remains standing. The 20 page church growth paper. I really should have started this monster a while ago. Verdict: Very doable.

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