Thursday, March 03, 2005

Random thoughts...

When watching the post-Oscar night coverage, Ben and I both noticed that Clint Eastwood's got a whole lot of botox going on. A LOT. I definitely have more wrinkles on my face than Mr. Eastwood. But then, I don't have the turkey gobble thing on my neck like he does... at least not yet. I'll take the trade off.

Related... I've finding my chin again. For a while, my chin was disappearing. My face was getting rounder. It was especially noticeable in photographs... by my "fat face camera" as Alinna likes to call it. It's a fat face camera because it makes people look like they have fat faces. In my case, it didn't make it look like I had a fat face. I had a fat face. But my chin is coming back.

And I learned today from my often purportedly heretical school that the rapture isn't Biblical. After looking at the evidence, I may have to agree. Does this then make me heretical? I don't think so. And no, my school is not heretical either. But no rapture... makes ya think doesn't it?

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