Friday, March 11, 2005

Currently working on: Exegetical paper on Luke 16:1-9 (The Parable of the Shrewd Steward)

The pooping lady

Taking a break for a few minutes to write about the pooping lady. There's a lady who lives in the apartment complex next door. Everyday, she comes by, taking a walk with her little dog. Perfectly normal. Well, except while normal people might walk their dog around the block with a leash, the pooping lady walks her dog to our lawn and back without a leash. Actually, I think I'd be mistaken to say that she takes her dog for a walk. She takes her dog out to poop. Her name's the pooping lady. What would you expect?

Does she bring a plastic baggy with her? Of course not. She takes her dog out, walks it out to our lawn which is like 20 feet away, the dog poops, and they go back inside to the apartment complex. This happens everyday. One time I was out on the front porch with Alinna, working on a paper, and the pooping lady comes by. As usual, she comes out with her dog, walks it to our lawn right in front of us, looks at us, and looks back at her dog. Nothing. The dog does its business on the lawn, the pooping lady looks back at us with a look that said something like "What? I'm old. What are you going to do about it?", and they walk back to the apartment.

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