Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Have no fear, I am still alive.

After a very hiatus, I'm back. The month of February just didn't exist in my blogging world. Ahh, if only it were that simple in the real world. It's been rough. Just haven't had the energy to post anything up on my webspace. Why? Just a crazy school schedule. I don't think it'd be advisable for me to take 5 classes in a quarter again. I'm just constantly reading some book for some class. Don't really have time to digest all the information I'm imbibing. Tip back, open up the throat, and just let the liquid learning flow down.

This week's the second to last week of the official quarter. Then there's next week, the last week, and the following week after that... finals week. In this span of time, I'm expected to write 5 papers totalling 45 pages and take a single final exam. Very managable... at least I think so, pending that I don't suddenly freak out from the pressures and rigors of higher education.

Yes, mama, I'm eating fruit. Actually, I don't know if she reads this thing. Regardless, I picked up a half flat of tangerines at Ralphs for cheap... if anybody else wants to know. I have no idea why anybody except my mom would want to know that kind of information, but, tough, it's my webspace.

I'll be back soon.

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