Saturday, March 25, 2006

The end of the short lived vacation

Back in the grind... well sort of. Started classes again today with an 8-3 today. 5 students in the class. I've never been in a class this small. Ever. Feels so strange. It's kinda like a small group, yet it's so not because I'm paying $1000 for it.

This quarter is going to be an interesting one. My Saturday morning/afternoons are shot. Every Saturday, from 8 to 3 for 10 weeks I'll be going off to class. Outside of that, I have one class on Wednesday nights. That's it. It's hard to feel like I'm in school when only one weekday is spent in a classroom (nevermind the fact that Saturdays will also be spent in class).

Oh yeah, I'm still looking for bartending jobs.

The South Bay Craigslist Finds of the Morning (well sort of)
1. Roll-Top Desk $50 (Sunnyvale)
2. Wooden Blinds $5 (San Jose)
3. Folding/Stackable Bookcase $20 (Mountain View)
4. Wooden Table and 4 Chairs $40 (Santa Clara)
5. Granite/Wood End Table $30 (Sunnyvale)

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