Saturday, August 30, 2003

Thanks Drew for helping me understand in relation to the August 24th post. It's possible.

In the same thread, I've been flipped off here in Japan practically everyday. The guy at the convenience store flipped me off when I asked for directions. The gas station attendant flipped me off after pumping my gas. Even my pastor flipped me off on a number of occassions after I asked him when he was planning on taking his vacation.

Why? Well, here in Japan people don't point with their "pointer" finger. Japanese people point using their middle finger... I guess because it's the longest finger. I dunno. I think I've gotten used to a lot of the Japanese "quirks" but this one... this one never ceases to catch me off guard.

Back in July, I was in my pastor's office talking about the vacation he was about to take in August. I wanted to be sure I got the information straight so I asked him, "What days are you looking at?" So, he pulls out the wall calendar in front of us, and BAM! Out stretches the middle finger right before my eyes, and he points it at a Monday. And then he continues to drag his finger across the week.

So, OK. Maybe I exaggerated when I said that I've been flipped off everyday. But for that split second, it sure feels that way.

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