Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Vending machines are everywhere in Japan. Not just in front of stores, shopping malls, and supermarkets. Often, you'll see a random vending machine right in front of some dude's house. It's really weird. But that's not the only weird thing about vending machines here in Japan...

1) There are a ton of vending machines but there are hardly any public trash cans. Often, you won't see a trash can next to a vending machine. And yet, there's hardly any litter on the streets. Just one of those Twilight Zone or X-Files things I guess... like where do the socks disappear to when you do the laundry and where do all the Corn Pops go?

2) This summer, the Coca-Cola vending machines have a special taller-than-usual can (about 16 oz) that sells for 100 yen. The normal can (about 12 oz) sells for 120 yen. The thing is that even though the vending machines sell the tall can for 100 yen, they also sell the normal can for 120 yen. And... on the display, the tall can is right next to the normal can. Who would buy the 12 oz for 120 yen when you can get a bigger size for cheaper?

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