Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Today, we had the English class for the little kids. Today, we drew clothes on pieces of paper with people who looked like gingerbread men. I would say something like "He's wearing a blue jacket," and the kids would draw a blue jacket on the pieces of paper. I thought two things were particularly funny about this exercise.

I said, "She's wearing a yellow skirt." And after the boys figured out what a skirt was they went to work. As I looked around I noticed that half of the gingerbread men had SUPER mini skirts. I mean the skirt would start at around the belly button and would end at about the hips. Since this is a "Mom and me" class, the moms got real surprised and immediately told their kids to make sure that the skirts would go down to the knees.

When I was walking around to see how the kids were doing, I noticed that one of the boys drew tears on his gingerbread man. Because I was curious, I asked him, "Why does he have tears?" And he said, "That's me... it's because I always get scolded." Poor thing. But sorta funny. Change that. Really funny.

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