Saturday, April 12, 2003

Top 10 Signs that a California Boy is Getting Used to A "Real" Winter:

10. Hideyo learns that "drop your pipes" doesn't mean go outside, remove the water pipes, and throw them on the ground while cursing at them for freezing over... yet again.
9. Hideyo learns the "ice shuffle," a way to walk across patches of ice with normal shoes.
8. Hideyo stops doing the "shower shuffle," a futile attempt to keep warm before the hot water comes out of the shower head.
7. "Hey, wearing a pair of ski goggles in public might be cool" is no longer in the forefront of Hideyo's thoughts.
6. Hideyo finally stops thinking, "Hey, why don't I just skate to church?"
5. Hideyo finally stops thinking, "Hey, why don't I just zamboni to church... eh?"
4. When looking at the digital thermometer down the street, Hideyo's eyes only get as big as golf balls when he sees the minus sign lit up.
3. On the 5 block walk to church, Hideyo doesn't stop midway at the local convenience store to get a hot can of coffee.
2. In high 50s weather, Hideyo is seen running around in a T-shirt.
1. Spring is here!

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