Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Job Searching

So an Asian guy walks into a bar...

...and turns right back around and out the door. Why? Because he saw nothing but really big, burly white men sitting on the bar stools with either an equally big, burly white guy serving them drinks, or a big breasted white woman doing the same.

That's me today. I was looking around for work as a bartender here in the South Bay so I did what any nerdy Asian guy looking for a bartending job would do. I searched for local bars on the internet, looked up the directions to the places on google maps, and hopped in my Integra in search for jobs.

There are a good number of white dive bars out here in Silicon Valley. I was pretty surprised. Here in the land of Chinese and Indians, I've finally found where the white people are hiding out (note: they're also hiding out in the city of Los Gatos).

So anyway, I don't think I'll be working at one of those bars. It's not that I'm afraid of white people. I'm afraid of big, burly white people, especially if there are a good number of them concentrated in one place without a minority in sight. I especially get the heebies if they're all wearing leather or denim vests exposing their tats. Yikes.

Still looking.

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