Monday, April 03, 2006

The Great Exchange

We celebrated my mom's birthday on Saturday. When we called her asking what she might want/if she wanted us to pick up a cake, she said that all she wanted was us to come over and celebrate with the family... well, that and five bottles of the red wine we served at the wedding.

We show up with the five bottles, my brother takes them, puts them into my parents' liquor cabinet, and then I remember that there's liquor in that liquor cabinet. My parents don't drink heavy liquor, or at least I can't recall them ever tipping back on martinis, manhattans, and old fashioneds, but for some reason there are bottles of gin, bourbon, and whiskey among other things. Maybe I should clarify. It is likely that the Tanqueray Gin is over 20 years old. The same can be said of the Seagrams Whiskey and DiSarono Amaretto.

My eyes get big, my dad tells me to take them, but not to get pulled over by a CHP officer on the way home because some of the bottles are already opened. We give them five bottles of wine, we get upwards of 10 bottles of liquor. It's a very good deal.

Speaking of deals...
The South Bay Craigslist Finds of the Morning (Weekend edition)
1. Oak Colored Buffet $50 (San Jose)
2. Dresser $50 (Campbell)
3. Crate and Barrel Wine Bar $50 (Cupertino)
4. Rotating CD Storage Racks $20 (Sunnyvale)
5. Wood End Table $15 (Santa Clara)
6. French Iron Magazine Rack $60 (Palo Alto)
7. Coat Rack $35 (Palo Alto)

And for your viewing pleasure...
A Stone Buddha on sale at Craigslist only $50

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