Thursday, April 27, 2006

Surfing the Radio

I never thought that this would happen, but on my car radio I'm staying on my FMII stations. Housed there are KISS 98.1, KBLX 102.9, and KFRC 99.7. Old people stations. I haven't changed the presets on my FMI stations but time and again, I skip over to FMII and listen to the music geared toward the more mature crowd.

Of course, I'd stay with 106.1 and 94.9 if they played something other than garbage. But again, old people used to say the same thing when I would listen to KMEL or KYLD back in the day. And now, I've become that old person... at least in music.

This week in fantasy baseball: Tied with Dong 4-4

The South Bay Craigslist Finds of the Morning
1. Serving Table $50 (Los Gatos)
2. Dining Table, 4 Chairs, Coffee Table $50 (Palo Alto)
3. Black Steamer Trunk $15 (Palo Alto)
4. Kenmore 18 Cu Ft Off-White Refrigerator $75 (Sunnyvale)
5. Le Creuset Black 3.5 qt Casserole Dish $69 (San Jose)

1 comment:

Ben said...

What?? You're telling me you don't like quality tracks like "Jiggle It" & "Shake that Laffy Taffy??"